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funding opportunities


The Teshinsky Family Foundation (TFF) is seeking proposals from eligible organizations to support workforce development in manufacturing, skilled trades, and related fields. Grants will be awarded to select organizations whose programs best align with the TFF mission and goals. Organizations that run programs with the following elements may submit an Inquiry Form in order to be considered for an invitation to apply.



  • Training to acquire skills needed for jobs in manufacturing, skilled trades, and related fields.

  • A focus on skills needed to succeed in a professional work environment.

  • No cost for participants; Compensation/stipend for participants preferred.

Employer Relations / Jobs Pipeline

  • Relationships with area employers leading to successful career placements.

  • Relevant and responsive training connected to specific employers and hiring needs.

  • Record of career placement in sustainable careers with benefits.

Case Management Services

  • Services system to provide support and resources to program participants.

  • Intensive career counseling and career retention support.



1. Program Grants. To cover direct training and program costs.


2. Equipment and Capital Grants. To update equipment, purchase new equipment, and update or enhance facilities leading to more effective and efficient training.

First-time grant seekers may request between $10,000 and $50,000. Future funding may be available, but these funds should be considered one-time only.




  • Organizations with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the IRS.

  • Programs operating in the continental United States.

  • Programs serving participants ages 18 and over.

  • Organizations with strong leadership, financial management, and stability.


The deadline to submit an Inquiry Form is June 15, 2023. Please view the Frequently Asked Questions for more information. TFF reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or to negotiate changes to the terms of proposals received. In order to be considered for funding, organizations must fill out an Inquiry Form and then be invited to apply for a grant. We respectfully ask that organizations refrain from reaching out directly via phone or email regarding funding.

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